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Yixing pottery

Yixing is pronounced "ee-shing".

Fine hand crafted teapots from Yixing in Jiangsu China - the Yixing area has been crafting exceptional teapots and pottery from their distinctive "purple clay" for hundreds of years. Each pot bears the seal or "chop mark" of the craftsman who made the pot.

With continued use, the purple clay from which YiXing teapots are made will absorb the flavors of your tea, becoming more seasoned with each use.  Over time, the color, flavor, and aroma of your tea will develop a richness that is unique to each teapot. For this reason, many people dedicate a specific flavor of tea or at least a specific type of tea to each YiXing teapot

Yixing clay is a type of clay produced in the region near the city of Yixing in Jiangsu provance China. Its use dates back to the Song Dynasty. The finished stonrewre which is used for teaware and other small items, are usually red or brown in colour. They are known as Purple Sand ware, and are typically unglazed. The clays used for the yixing-wares are very cohesive and can be formed by slip molding, coil forming, or most commonly, slab forming. The clays can also be formed by throwing. The most famous wares made for yixing clay are Yixing teapots.




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Most Yixing teapots are intended to be used by only one person at a      time. Their small size is ideal for a single serving of tea. Historically, each person having tea would have his or her own Yixing teapot..